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The best pork pieces

We have Iberian and Duroc breed, only females to ensure quality at your table. Pork is part of the Spanish culinary tradition. Its meat is a source of protein, fatty acids and vitamins, while, although it contains fats, they are less saturated than those found in other products.




The Iberian pig is a breed of pig typical of the peninsula from which it gets its name. It should be noted that Iberian pigs are all those that have a purity of breed equal to or greater than 50%, that is, at least one of their parents is also of Iberian breed. As a curious fact, normally the non-Iberian breed with which this animal is most crossed is with the Duroc pig.


"A group of researchers from Extremadura has demonstrated the benefits of consuming meat

acorn-fed pork, which reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, prevents increased blood pressure and thrombosis, reduces the presence of harmful lipids and increases antioxidants "(Europa Press, May 2006).

This type of meat contains:


Great source of potassium

 Large amount of vitamins: thiamine, vitamin B6, niacin, rivoflavin and vitamin B12

 High content of minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium




Duroc is not Iberian, it is Serrano. Regarding this, it should be noted that any ham obtained

of white pigs like the Duroc is serrano, never Iberian. Although the Serrano is good, it is not the same,

because the texture and flavor of the Iberico is very particular. This breed is a cross between two pig breeds with

European and African tradition: The Old Duroc and the Jersey Network.

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